It’s MBO first anniversary!

MBO_1yearMuch Bigger Outside is completing 1 year! To me it has been a pleasant journey, although, to be sincere, I still don’t know what this blog is exactly about. 


Sometimes MBO is about science, sometimes about fiction, sometimes science fiction.

But I know what MBO isn’t. It isn’t about education: I’m not writing to teach anything to anyone. It’s not about news either: I’m not writing to tell or discuss the latest news in science.

MBO is more about ideas. I’m fascinated by ideas, specially those that allows us to see the world in different and unconventional ways. That’s what I want to share.

At this point science comes to play. Science is the most amazing reservoir of ideas and ideas that matters. (Borrowing Daniel Dennett’s inspiring metaphor, I love cranes; I abominate skyhooks. I’ll come back to that another day).

Science is for me an eternal source of amazement, even when it’s creating a world where I will probably not fit in. Therefore, here at the MBO, you will never find either those dystopic views of an exhausted world or romantic appeals to return to a simple natural life.

On the contrary, in spite of the (many!) problems humanity faces today, I am an optimist: life in the past was usually worse than today and thermodynamics grants that life in the future will likely be worse too. Therefore, we live in the best of the times. We must enjoy it!

To a great extent, MBO is for myself. It helps me to focus, to create, and to structure my thoug

Of course, I want to have an audience and with almost 3 billion people accessing the Internet in our planet, it’s just fair that MBO got its share. Since last December, it has had an average of 600 unique visitors per month, about 12 thousand views in total.

Not that people is asking for my autograph on the street, but I’ve already got myself in a chemistry conference, where I found out that I was better known for my blog than for my papers! (That’s a bit embarrassing, I admit.)

MBO is about ideas and I have to take care that it doesn’t become about stories. I’m still in the right side of the 40s, but I’ve already started to show the first sign of aging: an annoying tendency to tell stories.

For example, I got myself few weeks back telling story after story of my adventures at airport waiting rooms. (I’ve flown 20, 30 times per year in the last 8 years; you can guess how many stories about airport waiting rooms I have.) Well, I should have bored people to death.

(You see… I’m already telling stories again! I’m becoming a kind of Grampa Simpson with academic distinctions.)

Anyway, writing MBO has been a pleasant journey, but not easy at all. Anyone who ever dared to write a blog knows how difficult it is to find a niche, to tune the speech, to build an audience, to have discipline to write regularly, and to find something relevant to write about. Naturally, it’s even harder when you aren’t writing in your native language.

MBO isn’t my first blog. For over four years in the early 2000’s, I wrote the “Defenestrando Ideias”, a blog with similar content, but in Portuguese. By the end, I felt my brain was melting. I didn’t have any new ideas and every new post was a kind of lame repetition of earlier ones.

Just like it happened to that blog, it’s possible I will come to terms with MBO one day as well, but not for now. I’m planning exciting novelties for the next season, with amazing new characters, dramatic adventures, and surprising plot twists.

I count with you around.


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2 replies

  1. Hello Cesar… My sincere congratulations about this one year of excellent, interesting and intelligent articles, addressing a variety of topics of general interest within science.
    I wish you a good luck for more one year…

  2. Congratulations! It’s a terrific feeling, right?!

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