And the First “Much Bigger Outside” Award goes to …

What's waiting for us just after the turn?

What’s waiting for you just after the turn?
I am pretty sure that you will never know.

I know, you can’t wait to know the winner!

I announced the First “Much Bigger Outside” Award as the answer to a post that had almost negative number of views.

Since then, the blog did much better. In four months, it counted over 2000 views from people in 52 countries. There were peaks of over 200 visits/day for two posts, one about job market in computational chemistry and another about atheism and religion.

This last one, gave even rise to a long discussion in Reddit on the weird question “Do atheists pray?“. As at today, I counted 89 entries in Reddit for a question whose answer is simply “No”.

There were three entries to the First “Much Bigger Outside” Award. I thank all the contestants for taking their time to read, interpret and write about that inedible text The Parable of the Ant. (Their texts are in the comments section of the original post.)

Myatheistlife looked at the political aspect, of the religious truth imposing itself. Daniele looked at the epistemic side, of how our knowledge is fundamentally limited. Rachel looked at the theological aspect of our littleness “in the big and uncontrollable universe”.

All three interpretations were equally valid, although surprisingly distinct.

It was a difficult choice, but the First “Much Bigger Outside” Award goes to … Daniele Fazzi.

Congratulations, Daniele! Another feather in your cap! (Are you going to add the award to your CV?)

Anyway, the prize is the book “Five Billion Years of Solitude – the search of life among the stars” by Lee Billings. Daniele, just send me an e-mail with your delivery address and you are going to get the book directly from Amazon.


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