Annoucement: The First “Much Bigger Outside” Award

 The First “Much Bigger Outside” Award is closed.

Much Bigger Outside was never a popular blog,  I admit. Each post gets few visitors a week and  half a dozen of polite likes on Facebook. I couldn’t expect anything else, as I do not really make any effort for choosing appealing topics or even write in an intelligible way (the technical term is professorial-pretentious style).

But with the post of the last week, “The parable of the ant”, I hit rock bottom: almost no page views; one single “like” from someone I am pretty sure is a spammer fishing visitors; only one single Facebook “like” from a person who not even visited the post. She literally liked the link! The feedback was so little that the WordPress team is thinking of canceling my account to avoid wasting disk space.

But how do I expect that people would react to six hundred words of Elizabethan English about a completely incomprehensible topic? Ok, I don’t need to go for a “Fifty Shades of Gray” style,  but I didn’t need to be so hermetic as well.

And what is the worse,  I was quite proud of the text. Would you believe that I checked every word to be sure that it was already in use in the 16th century? Yes, scientists have quite a lot of free time. Shame on me.

And speaking of shame,  do you know that kind of nightmare where you find yourself naked in public?

I am just going to ride one of those in the waken-up life. Instead of pretending that the “The parable of the ant” was never written (tree, forest, sound…), I am here insisting on its existence and more: I am launching the First “Much Bigger Outside” Award!

For one month starting from the publication date of this post,  I will be receiving interpretations for “The parable of the ant”. The author of the best interpretation will be awarded a book. And it is not a crooked contest. The prize will be a real new recently-published worth-reading book. I just didn’t make my mind on which one yet. The only condition to be eligible is that you should publish your interpretation in the comments section below “The parable of the ant” post.

Then, let’s go, kids. This time, Much Bigger Outside goes viral. (Which for the current standards, it means any number large than 10 visits.)


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  1. oops, I commented on the original post


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