The parable of the ant

skeleton-with-skullAh, Ant! Thou canst not even behold the stem, what about the market! 

Silence thee! Who art thou to tell what the ONE-ALL-MIGHT can do. Whence within thy most deep meanness was born thy belief that thou canst delve into His will? Dost not thou know that He is not only larger than thou supposest, but also larger than everything that thou wilt ever be able to suppose? Fall on thy face to the ground, as only it may teach thee thy littleness. Learn the only truth that fittest thee: shrink thee in thine ignorance.

How can the ant question the destruction of her offspring? How can she question the purposes of the ONE-LARGER-THAN-ALL? How can she inquire about the Good and the Evil, given the little that she can see around herself?

If she cannot even behold the stem where she climbeth and the leafs that sprout from it, how can she curse the day in which she was born or the world that showeth itself cruel? How can the ant ask about the reasons that determine her fate, if she doeth not know anything about the plant that feedeth her? Plant that is only another plant among hundreds of others in the farm! Farm that she cannot even suppose to be, even less to guess that it is only one single farm among hundreds of others that feed hundreds of markets that feed thousands of creatures. Creatures so much bigger than herself that her eyes could not reach their borders. Then, how can the ant judge the fall of the righteous or the death of the innocent to be right or wrong?

Do not start thou, as those whose the faith is ill and weak, to moan about love and pity. How canst thou believe that the ONE-ALL-THE-SAME would submit Himself unto such feelings, maybe useful to petty mortals, but all unworthy of who is everything? Dost thou think that justice, tenderness, honour, compassion would have any bearing in His wholeness?

Ah, Ant! Thou canst not even behold the stem, what about the market!

Believe thou in my words: I, who already wandered for the whole land, can tell thee: all thy beliefs are false. Thou livest thy chaste life waiting for His blessing; thou joinest thy people in prayers, chants, holocausts and charity. Dost thou really believe that the ONE-IN-EVERYWHERE would be bribed by those pitiful actions? Dost thou believe that He would minish Himself into a simple judge weighing thy vices and virtues?

If one day thou comest unto His presence, know that it shall not be because thou lived’st in this or that way. Shall not dare to guess His reasons! All that thou oughtest to do is to silence in voice and thoughts, and to live for the Glory of the ONE-ALL-KNOWLEDGE.


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6 replies

  1. Hush, don’t think. you’re not capable of thinking or even understanding …. only I can do that. Do what I tell you, know what I tell you to know, don’t ask, don’t seek for I am much wiser than you. I know the secrets you’ll never know (if you listen to me that is)

    This is the basics of brain washing… and religion.

  2. What the text invoke me, is the immense “parabola of the human being” in the universe (or universes?), like an ant which “canst not even behold the stem”.
    The human being, in a continue never-end research of answers to questions “much bigger” than his imagination/knowledge. But, actually, are precisely those questions which make the fuel for any intellectual activity, in any field of knowledge (from science to religion, from phylosophy to art and music,…).
    As the men in the “Allegory of the cave” by Plato, the ant (and the human being itself) is looking only for some representations, for some interpretations…for some “shadows”.
    However, I think that the aim is not the answer itself but the question and what follows from it…so let’s go (as Galilei did) with our telescope because is “much bigger outside” 🙂

  3. I got another entry via e-mail from Rachel. Her interpretation was: “The parable is about the littleness of the ant who complained to God about her incapacity to control and get to know the big and uncontrollable universe. A parable about our own littleness.”


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